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Career Options for Engineering Graduates
 Career Options for Engineering Graduates The biggest question every Engineering student asks himself after graduation is “what next?” In a country like India, more than half of the undergrad students choose Engineeri...
Author : byjus,   Posted Date : 08-03-2017
How credits are boosting popularity of online classes
    In 15 years of teaching, University of Pennsylvania classicist Peter Struck has guided perhaps a few hundred students annually in his classes on Greek and Roman mythology through the works of Homer, Sophocles, Aeschylus and others - &...
  Posted Date : 21-11-2012
Campus Ambassadors (CA)
Campus Ambassadors (CA)       Who we're looking for?  Are you a role model for the students in your college? Have the initiatives you have taken empowered you to be in a leader...
  Posted Date : 04-09-2012
A Journey with the Mumbai Dabbawalas
  When Mumbai's tireless Dabbawalas became the first organisation in India and the second in the world to be awarded the coveted Six Sigma performance rating by Forbes magazine, one of their ranks asked if it would be possible to share three of...
  Posted Date : 01-03-2012
India to Overtake US in Internet Use
  The number of Internet users in India will overtake that in the United States in less than two years.  This, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Internet and Mobile Association of India. The group says India's Internet pop...
  Posted Date : 09-11-2011
Entrepreneurship: Create jobs instead of finding one
  if you can’t find a job or company that is in line with personal interests and likes, can you “make” a job on your own?   As you approach the final year of the college life, the career part of the mind will be busy ex...
Author : Mr. Ramesh,   Posted Date : 24-10-2011
Is Facebook Educational
Is facebook educational? How can I get facebook education info? What are facebook educational uses? How is facebook educational and more are questions that could well be in the minds of many students and teachers. These questions lead to...
  Posted Date : 03-09-2011
Career Jobs and Employment
 Individual dreams vary. But a common dream is to have a rewarding Career Jobs and Employment. What it takes to have a satisfying Career Jobs and Employment? Once you finish your education, it is important that you get a break, in fact the rig...
Author : Peter Salazar,   Posted Date : 12-07-2011
The roadmap to success
  Being one of the largest knowledge economies of the world, it is high time to create a holistic learning environment with focus on innovation and expansion. To achieve this, academicians of the country is focusing on five-point agenda, where ...
  Posted Date : 01-07-2011
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg now richer than Google founders
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's personal fortunes have soared, thanks to investment fund GSV Capital's recent stake in the social networking site which has put the Harvard dropout at a worth higher than Google founder Sergey Brin and Larry Page....
  Posted Date : 01-07-2011
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